Eric De Giuli // algorithmic art
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I am an algorithmic artist making work as executable html files, accessible anywhere and by anyone. Recent works run live, evolve forever in your browser, and are interactive. For examples see Atlas 10, Atlas 13, Atlas 171cathedral study 39, Calian 6, Calian 24 (links open in a new tab)

WORKS available as NFT collections: ( inquire to purchase NFTs from the artist’s collection or order archival inkjet prints ) 

2024/06. Interaction Studies 1 on ENSEMBLE

2023/11.   Atlas * 
2023/05. cathedral study * at PROOF
2023/03. Calian * at Art Blocks 

2022/11.   Glass Study s For the tribute to Herbert W. Franke
2022/08. Glass 2s at Art Blocks
2022/03. Mazinaw 2s at Art Blocks
2022/01.  Stitched $3

2021/12.  impossible cathedrals $4s
2021/09. Spectral Beings #5m
2021/09. Snapped $s
2021/09. alien codex #s
2021/08. alien tongues #s

2001-2006. generative landscapes


2024. 70 years of Art vs Science. Generative Art Summit, Akademie der Kunst, Berlin. I will link to my talk when it goes online.
2024. Interaction Studies on ENSEMBLE: 7 min video including interview
2023. Essay by Duncan Cooper on Atlas: “A map of everything” at Outland
2023. On Calian
2022. The visual interpretation of quantum mechanics.
2022. Emergence: an essay
2021. Spectral Beings: morphogenesis

       2024. Atlas in Code - Kunst - Konstruktionen, Städische Galerie Wolfsburg, Germany
       2023. cathedral study at The Foundry, Los Angeles CA
       2023. Calian in Collēctīvus: Computation, Consciousness, and Collective Memory, Art Blocks Gallery, Marfa TX
       2022. Glass at The Boiler, Brooklyn NY
       2022. Spectral Beings, Alien Codex in Odyssey at The Boiler, Brooklyn NY

* js + glsl. code on-chain, executable via Art Blocks (Engine) API
$ Released anonymously as pepe xyz
# Released as eeedg
s Still image 
m Video clip (.mp4)

1. js + glsl. executable html on IPFS
2. js + p5.js. p5.js script on-chain, executable via Art Blocks API
3. js + p5.js. executable html on IPFS via fxhash. Individual pieces can be minted on Ethereum by request
4. js + p5.js. executable html on IPFS via fxhash.
5. js + p5.js. p5.js script on-chain for archival purposes

there are no artifacts. there are only interpretations

spectral beings 888/888  [_]