Each piece from Glass represents a composite, uncertain reality. 

Every experience is highly personal. The path that you trace will generally not be the same as that taken by anyone else in the same circumstances.

Moreover, a definite path only comes into existence through your experience.

This is also a fact of quantum mechanics (#).

As Heisenberg said, ‘Die "Bahn" entsteht erst dadurch, dass wir sie beobachten.'

( The trajectory only comes into existence by us observing it. )

Glass was released as a series of 300 on Artblocks on August 22, 2022. 

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It is written in javascript, using the p5.js library. The code necessary to reproduce each piece is preserved indefinitely on the Ethereum blockchain.

Glass is part of a larger attempt to intuitively communicate ideas at the leading edge of theoretical physics. My general research interest is the emergence of complexity in the world. Previous generative art series have looked at the emergence of complexity in language (Alien Tongues, Alien Codex) and life as a state of matter (Spectral Beings), which are the two current directions of my professional research program.

(#) If you’re curious about how Glass can be mapped more quantitatively to quantum mechanics, imagine that the orientation of the panes is like the direction of an electron’s spin, either vertical or horizontal (In reality spins would usually be up or down, but this is immaterial to the discussion.). In isolation, a cluster of spins could point in either orientation; the states exist in superposition. Measurement causes the states to locally collapse to a definite spin. But observers coming from elsewhere might measure a different orientation, and these histories might not agree.