Remarkably, what you are experiencing maps onto a typical quantum mechanical system, like our universe. In a modern extension of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics*, the characteristic feature of quantum reality is that different observers can have inconsistent histories about what happens in the world. There is fundamentally no single objective reality on which all observers will agree.** 

Glass is based on the premise that while here, the top group of panes looks vertical and the bottom group looks horizontal, ...

... if we see only a small subset of these clusters, we cannot distinguish them.

So the two states exist in superposition, until we reach an edge, where typically one particular orientation is favoured. This represents a measurement in quantum mechanics: the collapse of the wave function.

* The Consistent Histories Interpretation, proposed by R.B. Griffiths (1984) and elucidated by the late Pierre Hohenberg in his Reviews of Modern Physics article (2009).

** This statement is shared by all interpretations of quantum mechanics.